Elisabetta LorenzonGeneral Administration
The ABC Study project strongly relies on the administrative support given by Elisabetta, an aspiring lawyer that engages in all the Foundation administrative tasks since March 2019. Elisabetta is a determined and eclectic worker who is graduating from Law School in Ferrara and runs an estate agency – all that while tending the Foundation budget and contracts. Her administrative contribution is crucial to provide fully transparent operations, a task she carries out with the utmost dedication. Thanks to her precision she is also a valid collaborator for what concerns direct communications, as she provided support with various presentations in the past.
D.ssa Heba Talat MahmoudScientific researcher
Born in Saudi Arabia but grown in Egypt, Dr. Mahmoud collaborates with the Foundation from 2017 as a researcher. Dr. Mahmoud firstly graduated from Medical University, specialized in Cardiology, and went on to pursue a joint Ph.D. from an Egyptian University and Federico II University in Naples. Hers is an ongoing organic path motivated by the social value of medicine itself, and within the ABC Foundation, she takes care of analyzing statistical data related to cardiovascular disease, while getting constant insights of new international publications. Besides the extensive research carried out, Dr. Mahmoud writes and reviews scientific papers, abstracts, and posters to be presented at international conferences – her role is also the one of co-author and scientific communicator.
Davide MerottoBasic statistics
In June 2020, the ABC Study enrolled the youngest among its collaborators – a high school student with a passion for mathematics and medicine. At 18 years of age, he is indeed focused on the future as he intends to enroll in Medical University. This experience is already teaching him the specific language and, most importantly, applied statistics. His role might look simple but is indeed meaningful: he crosses patients' given data to find the links between numerous variables and probabilities while being lead by experts. David's contribution? The pure search of mathematical answers.